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I’ve been locked out of the admin part of this site for quite a while and have finally managed to get back in.? I hope to start with the changes I’ve previously mentioned.? I’m also hoping in this election year to bring more links to Arizona news.? There are lots of things going on, including a primary challenge to Senator John McCain and a serious general election challenge from the Democrats.

In the Phoenix area, the Loop 202 extension from I-10 in Ahwatukee going around South Mountain to link up with I-10 again on the west side of the metro area may take much of the through traffic out of downtown Phoenix, which will be a boon to commuters and long-haul drivers alike.? Of course, the people of Ahwatukee and the Gila River Indian Community, along with environmentalists who have big concerns about the road’s impact on the South Mountain environment, have expressed their own opinions about the new route.

A new Interstate has been proposed to run from Mexico to Las Vegas.? The bottom part of I-11 would run partly on existing interstate highways before going north through Wickenburg and follow the US-93 route up to I-40 and then up across the live betting appnew bridge by Hoover Dam and on to Las Vegas.? Additional extensions may take the corridor all the way north to Canada.? The exact routes are still to be determined, including a possible Tucson bypass that would route I-11 west of the city, and the exact route from Casa Grande to Wickenburg is still in discussion. If it goes far enough west of Phoenix it would add an additional relief valve for long-haul traffic avoiding the metro area.

In other politics, there are fights going on over education budgets and food stamps.

El Ni?o is continuing to make things fairly damp in Arizona, with snow in the high country and days of rain and cooler-than-normal weather around Phoenix. The forecast for the next few months is for the pattern to continue, though there are some breaks expected.

I haven’t mentioned it since we got back, but the new Cubs spring training facility in west Mesa looks pretty sharp!? It’s right across the street from a big shopping area in Mesa and just a mile or so from another one in Tempe, with access from both Loop 101 and Loop 202.? That might be the biggest problem, actually, with the load that both of those roads already carry through the day.

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