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A little bit about us: We’re in our 50s, have two grown sons and are “plus sized” (we only mention that because it does impact what we can do as far as hiking and climbing is concerned). She’s recently retired; he’s not yet and works in IT. We both read voraciously and both graduated from Wichita State University.

He’s been taking pictures all the 38+ years of their marriage, but the advent of digital photography has let him increase the quantity and quality of his output.

Traveling by car is what we do for recreation. We have made trip albums with pictures and descriptions of our travels and have tons of pictures sitting in boxes waiting to be made into more albums. After living in Kansas for most of our lives, we had exhausted the nearby trips we could take. When job circumstances forced a change, we were more than ready to leave Kansas. We were glad to be moving in part because we had to drive a full day or more to get to new sights.

We moved to Arizona from Kansas in 2004 and 2005 (it took 5 months to wrap up things back in Kansas and get both of us jobs). In the middle of those months, we managed to get in trips along the Apache Trail and up to Sedona to see Oak Creek Canyon. We finally got both of us here just in time to see the 2005 wildflower season in full bloom. What a great welcome that was!

With our arrival in Arizona, we started driving around our new home state.? We decided to share our adventures and our new home through this site. The original plan was for a fairly small site, but somehow it just keeps growing!

As far as the site goes, he does most of the writing, most of the pictures, and most of the work on this site. She is the editor, the critic (that’s meant in a good way!) and the support staff.

We both welcome you all to our home.

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