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Arizona has a fabulous abundance of hummingbirds. The southeast corner of the state in particular is famous for the concentration and variety of its birds. For some links that have more details, hop to the Links on the main Birding page.

This page is short for the moment, but I do want to put up a couple of shots.

I’ve come to the conclusion that people who take those fantastic shots of glowing-jewel-headed hummingbirds have better equipment, more time, and/or more luck than I have had so far. I can tell you that it’s glorious to watch them, however much they are tough to shoot.

This one was on alert and left his perch several times to check out something, and then finally flew off.

Anna in Flight

This picture is not a great one, but it shows the tail feathers in a way that most hummer pictures don’t. My best guess is that these are female Rufous hummingbirds. Loved the way they flared out those tails! Taken at the Flagstaff Arboretum in July.

Dueling Hummers

I think that this is a male Anna’s, but in the shadow it’s hard to tell. Taken at the Water Ranch.


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