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Little brown birds are among the hardest to identify, for me at least. A lot of them are fast and, being small, hard to see – particularly when they are down in the grass or up in the branches.

It turns out that they’re pretty neat, once you get to know them a bit. Even the sparrows are remarkable in their coloration.

I’m still in search of the Ruby-crowned Kinglet, but here are some others that I’ve seen… (mouse over the picture for my ID for each bird…)

This beauty was perching along a fence and every so often swooping down to pluck something out of the air. Whatever it was eating was way too small for me to see, but it was lovely to watch the flight.

Say's Phoebe

This little mockingbird was feeling the cold a little and didn’t want to move, which was nice for picture taking.

Mockingbird 1

Mockingbird 2

The next four pictures are all sparrows, but four different species: Chipping, House, Black-throated, and White-crested (if I got them right!).

I saw some movement in the brush and found this little critter – which refused to come out for a nice wide-open shot.

Chipping Sparrow

I think that I know where this one was taken, but does it matter? Little brown bird par excellance!

House Sparrow

This is a Black-throated Sparrow. I took the picture in live betting appUsery Park .

Black-throated Sparrow
Taken 1/1/09 at the Water Ranch.

White-crested Sparrow

Tired of sparrows? How about a Cactus Wren, in an iconic state bird pose. Taken at the live betting appDesert Botanical Garden .

Cactus Wren

This was taken at the Desert Botanical Garden too. I see these a lot, even at our house, but I like the way this one is peeking out.

Finch in Flowers

Low light, moving birds, I wasn’t ready… Excuses, excuses, excuses. So it’s fuzzy! You can still see the markings and the top knot feather… I see quail all the time, but they just aren’t all that cooperative about showing up when I have a camera in my hands!

Gambel's Quail pair

This was taken from our back porch.

Mourning Doves

“We gather together to greet the sun!”

Also from our back porch.

Inca Doves

Not the best of shots, but the white edge to the wing and the profile are evident.

White-Winged Dove

2 Responses to Little Brown Birds

  1. H G Donaway says:

    I have seen a small bird feeding at my hummingbird feeder and can’t identfy. It is brown and usually has some color on the head/throat area. The beak is short, but does still manage to feed from the feeder. I flys like a typical bird, not like a hummingbird. Could you give me some insight into what type of bird it is? I am located near I 17 and Carefree Highway in Phoenix AZ.

    Many Thanks

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