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I’m lumping all of the birds of prey in the Raptors area. Eagles, hawks, falcons, owls, ospreys, and so forth will go here.

On to the pictures:

These burrowing owls were just catching some rays in Scottsdale.

Burrowing Owls

These were shot at Bright Angel Lodge at the Grand Canyon with my old camera. I was standing outside the old photography studio when the condors came sweeping in. They’re impressive in flight, although they look a little funny dragging that leg. On the ground, though, they’re just flat ugly. I liked them a lot!

Condor 1

Condor 2

These kestrels were at the Water Ranch, on display by Liberty Wildlife. I’ve seen them on the wing, but never come close to getting a good picture. But these are special since they are rescued. And besides, they are a beautiful pair. And besides, they are kestrels!

Kestrels 2

I just love the colors on those birds. The male is on the left and has spots, the female has stripes.

I think the next one is a red-tailed hawk…

Hawk on Saguaro

Find the Bald Eagle! This picture was taken with a 48X zoom – the bird was a very long way across a lake and this is the best the camera could do. The funny part is that people were walking under this tree never realizing that there was an eagle perched over their heads.

Find the Bald Eagle

Hint: It’s in the lower left part of the picture and you’ll just barely be able to see it if you open the picture to its bigger version…

This is another shot from Scottsdale. We were there just after a truck had stocked the pond for fishing and the cormorants and this osprey were most happy to have a nice Sunday breakfast.

Osprey on the hunt

I took this shot while hiking on Camelback Mountain. There are cliffs where people climb in the area along the trail and I wondered if maybe the people up there were disturbing a nest.

Prairie Falcon 1

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