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Tuzigoot National Monument is in the Verde valley of central Arizona, about 90 miles north of Phoenix or 50 south of Flagstaff, via US-89A. Tuzigoot is on a hill well above the river valley, though not so high as to be inconvenient for the inhabitants, or for us visitors to get around. It’s the ruins of a Sinagua village, with about 110 rooms. It is also about a thousand years old.

Tuzigoot One

The picture below looks south over the Verde valley, toward Clarkdale.

Tuzigoot Two

To the north of Tuzigoot, there is a modern intrusion into the valley where tailings from the mines on the west side of the valley.

To get there from Phoenix, head north on I-17 to exit 287 (AZ-260) and then head west to Cottonwood. From there, go on to Clarkdale on US-89A. For the rest of the directions, I’ll quote the Tuzigoot site:

“At the first traffic light after turning on to 89A, signs will direct you to turn left to stay on 89A. Go straight through this intersection. This will put you on HISTORIC 89A (designated on the map above as HWY 260) and take you through ‘Old Town Cottonwood’. As you can tell from the map, Main Street (Historic 89A) does a lot of twisting around. Once you leave Cottonwood you are almost there. There will be a sign telling you where to turn to get to Tuzigoot. You take Tuzigoot Road and follow it to the end….”

Clarksdale is home of the Verde Canyon Railroad. Dead Horse State Park just outside of Cottonwood. Dead Horse is home to the famous Verde Valley Birding & Nature Festival (every April). Just up the hill is Jerome, an art community and former mining town.

For more information, please check out Tuzigoot’sWeb site.