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This is a collection of pictures that I want to share, but which don’t belong on the other pages. I hope you enjoy them.

We’ve been lucky to see quite a bit of wildlife since we’ve been here. The following photos are mostly just the result of being in the right place at the right time with the camera ready to take them. We’ve missed a lot of others, like the javalinas we saw rumbling through the brush or the turkey vulture that popped up right in front of us on a hike.

The coyote at dawn is the only picture where I’ve had the time to see the animal, frame the setting and wait for the animal to walk into it. The rest are all ones that I’ve taken on the fly.

Coyote at Dawn

This was taken in live betting appUsery Park on the Merkle trail one morning just after sunrise. I spotted him coming up a draw that would cross in front of me and I was able to set up and wait for him.

Rabbit is all ears

What a difference the water makes! Compared to the coyote picture above, this one is almost monochromatic. Rabbits are all over the place, but they are well hidden in this dry brush.

Animal pictures are among my favorites to take because they each represent a unique moment.

Grand Canyon rabbit

I shot this one on the rim of the Grand Canyon. Arizona animals have to deal with quite a range of enviroments! The ears are still checking me out, though.

Eastern Collared Lizard

Beautiful beast I found on the Treasuer Loop at Lost Dutchman State Park.

I couldn’t get it to come out and when I tried to change position, it dove back into the rocks.

Find the lizard

Lizards are not all that cooperative in posing for pictures…

Desert Tortoise

Another Usery Park shot. I had just completed the Wind Cave trail when I spotted this beastie crossing the road. The background of the road didn’t really help the picture, but the tortoise wasn’t in a big hurry to move and I had places to go, unfortunately.

The next shot is one that I lucked into while waiting for a doctor’s appointment. These Bird of Paradise plants are all over the place through the summer. The color is in the surrounding leaves and not the actual flower so they stay “blooming” with color for a long time. I think it’s one of my very favorite shots.

Red Bird of Paradise