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Willcox is a three-part town.

On the north side, it’s a town on I-10, with the requisite motels and fast food joints. There’s also a very nice little visitor’s center on the north side of I-10, off exit 340 (north to the stoplight and then east a half mile or so).

In the southeast along Railroad Street is the historic town.

Willcox Old Town

This is where you’ll find the Rex Allen museum and the old railway station that now is the city hall.

Willcox City Hall

Trains still go along that track, but these are 100-car missiles heading off to the west or east at high velocity.

The rest of the town is a farm community, supporting the folks up and down the Sulfur Springs valley.

The town is close to Chiricahua National Monument, a short and pretty drive down AZ 186, and Fort Bowie National Historic Site. It is close to Cochise Stronghold, down US 191. It’s not far from Tombstone, Bisbee, Douglas, Benson and Kartchner Caverns.

Most important for thousands of bird-watchers, it’s close to the Willcox Playa. The playa is a shallow, ephemeral lake and the area around it is the winter home for thousands of Sandhill cranes, plus hawks of many kinds, sparrows, blackbirds, and hundreds of other species.